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Coconut oil is - a true natural healer, its properties has been known since ancient times. It is well absorbed by the skin and hair, giving a healthy and filling hair natural shine to the skin. Oil composition allows using it as a natural cleanser, moisturizer and nourishing remedy. You can add coconut oil to various cosmetics: lotions, shampoos, shower gels. You can buy coconut oil in the UK at any pharmacy or shopping center where there is a certificate on it.

In cosmetics, this oil is used as a makeup remover, it protects the skin and neutralizes the action of cosmetics, giving it a smoothness and elasticity, eliminates fine lines.

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Do not know about coconut oil and its wonderful properties? This is the most popular oil for women beauty. Most often, tourists import coconut oil to Australia from Thailand. You can buy coconut oil in virtually any market in Thailand.

There is an interesting feature at the temperature below 25 degrees when unrefined coconut oil becomes thick and white – you could see the oil like that after the air flight. Do not worry - this is a normal condition. You should warm the oil at room temperature or in a water bath, so that it becomes transparent and liquid again. However, coconut oil is best stored in the refrigerator after all.

Many wonder what is the better refined coconut oil or unrefined one. So, to for hair care you can use any oil but for the face and body, it is best to use refined one. By the way, refined coconut oil has almost no smell.

does almond oil help hair growth

Maybe somebody has hair which is growing fast, but for me this is a great indicator. By the way, for greater efficiency, you can repeat courses of two to three months each year.

To accelerate the hair growth, you need to take two tablespoons of almond oil, heat until warm (but not hot) conditions and with a piece of sponge put it on the scalp. It is not necessary to wet all the hair, wet only the hair roots. You should wrap your hair with a plastic bag and a towel, and take about an hour or two, so that the oil is well absorbed into the scalp. Then rinse with warm water and shampoo. The oil is flushed difficulty enough, because the hair becomes greasy, so you need to wash carefully. Repeat this procedure once a week. Twist up your hair in a bob and in just two years your hair will grow up fivefold faster. Does almond oil help for hair growth? Yes, of course:)

By the way, for greater efficiency, you can repeat courses for two to three months each year.

how much does coconut oil cost

With coconut oil you may maintain a healthy skin, namely hair care. It can be used to directly for a facial massage, neck and upper chest, and the whole body, especially you have the dry type of the skin after bathing. Due to its composition, which includes saturated fatty acids, coconut oil is absorbed very quickly and makes the skin smooth. It prevents the formation of cracks in the hands and heels.

Coconut oil is well prepared for blending with sun creams and liquids, emulsions, as well as for use in pure form before and after sunbathing - it creates a stable protective layer. Coconut oil can be mixed in a liquid state with all other oils, expanding and enriching the way of action.

How much does coconut oil cost?

Based on the prices published on, the average cost of a coconut oil (15 ounce) is about from $ 7 to $ 12.

For example, a 54 ounce bottle of coconut oil costs $ 20.99.

If you decide to buy online, be sure to factor there are duty fees.

For wholesale purchases, coconut oil can cost from $ 20 to $ 45.

Oil is used for skin and hair care, can be cost on average from $ 0.50 to $ 1.50 per ounce. For example, a product called Parachute that contains 100% coconut oil, 5-ml bottle sells for $ 6.

what is palm oil used for

Palm oil is traditionally used in food processing industry, as well as in the production of various beauty products. However, this product can be used as a beauty product alone.

This product has a beneficial effect on hair. When taking it with food, your hair becomes volume and radiant. But when using it topically applying to hair, the effect will be the same, but appear much quicker.

Palm oil is used to give a healthy look for dry and brittle hair and the exhausted by constant coloring. But if a woman likes using a hair electric dryer, the hair becomes straight or wavy, so in this case you should use this hair care product. This product not only gives a smart look to your hair, but also the hair gets necessary nourishment, in particular, vitamins. With palm oil the hair becomes stronger, livelier, silky and pleasant; your hair shines like in advertisements of expensive shampoos.

During the hair treatment the palm oil protects your hair from the effect of adverse environmental factors. If you decide to use this hair care product, hold it in the steam bath until it entirely melts. Then spread palm oil in the hair, so it is necessary to treat the hair ends. Comb your hair with a wide comb and wait for 15 minutes. Wash your hair with shampoo.

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