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How much does coconut oil cost?

how much does coconut oil cost

Coconut oil is suitable to support a healthy and normal skin, hair care. It can be used to directly for a facial massage, neck and upper chest, and the whole body, especially in the dry types of skin after bathing. Due to its composition, which includes saturated fatty acids, coconut oil is absorbed very quickly and makes the skin smooth. It prevents the formation of cracks on the hands and heels.

Coconut oil is well prepared for mixing with sun creams and liquids, emulsions, as well as for use in pure form before and after sunbathing - it creates a stable protective layer. Coconut oil can be mixed in a liquid state with all other oils, expanding and enriching the way of action.

How much does coconut oil cost?

Based on the prices published on VitaminShoppe.com, the average cost of a 15-ounce coconut oil at average from $ 7 to $ 12.

For example, a 54 ounce bottle of coconut oil cost $ 20.99.

If you decide to buy by online, be sure to factor there are duties fees.

For wholesale purchases, coconut oil can cost from $ 20 to $ 45 per gallon.

Oil is used for skin and hair care, can be cost at average from $ 0.50 to $ 1.50 per ounce. For example, a product called Parachute that contains 100% coconut oil, 5-ml bottle sells for $ 6.