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How to make almond oil?

How to make almond oil?Almond oil can be made independently. It is one of the best available skin care means. According to research data, almond oil can be used for dry skin, it removes an inflammation, and facilitates a condition at such diseases, as psoriasis.  Almond oil is safe for cosmetic use and reduces cholesterol level as well. You can do own moistening creams, lip balms, massage aromatic oils and many other things by usual household appliances in kitchen.

How to make almond oil?

1. Put almonds in a blender, cover and crush. Begin with small speed, having gradually increased it to rather high.

2. Put a blender on a pause. When the almonds will start to stick together in a sphere, you will have to stop from time to time a blender to clean off nuts.

3. Continue to grind. In some minutes the almond sphere will start to turn into paste.

4. Add oil. Add one teaspoon of olive oil. if necessary add still a spoon.

5. Storage. When paste will be ready, shift it in any container and leave at room temperature for one-two weeks. During this time oil should to separate from an oil cake.

6. The oil which has separated from an oil cake can be used for skin care and as aromatic therapeutic remedy.

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