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Is almond oil good for skin?

Is almond oil good for skin?Almond is a close relative of plum, and its fruit shape reminds a peach stone. Almond oil, which is derived from almonds seeds by cold or hot pressing, is the most valuable product and is widely used not only in food but in pharmaceutical and perfume industries as well.

Due to its emollient and anti-inflammatory effect, almond oil is indispensable for skin care: it cleans, nourishes, softens and moisturizes, prevents sloughing of dry skin and burns from sunbathing.

Almond oil obtained by cold pressing maintains all its active components, ensuring the effectiveness of its action. This natural product can be used without any chemical additives.

Does almond oil help hair growth? Environmentally friendly natural almond oil has a great effect on hair and skin of all types, providing a soft and gentle care and protection in all climatic conditions. This occurs due to the high content of glycerides of oleic and linoleic acids, emulsion enzyme, vitamins and proteins in almond oil.

Allergy to almond oil occurs extremely rare, that is why it is recommended in skin care for all types of skin, including those with sensitive, prone to irritation and allergy. The high content of oleic acid provides rapid absorption of almond oil into the skin, a soothing and softening effect.

In addition to skin care, almond oil is widely used in hair care, as naturally strengthens and stimulates its growth. Due to natural ingredients contained in almond oil the nutrition of hair follicle is improved, hair grows faster and becomes more glossy and elastic. Moreover, almond oil can be also used when removing lash mascara. A double effect is achieved: a gentile removal of lash mascara, while nourishing and strengthening your lashes.

Environmentally friendly almond oil is a natural effective remedy for skin and hair, easy to use and it left no greasy marks.