Palm oil HQ

Palm oil HQ (High Quality) is "hidden" lipid which is not mentioned in formulation of industrial production unlike the oils for frying, butter. Karolina Davis considers that “people do not like palm oil, because it cannot be found on sale in pure form. It gets on the market just as a part of ready dishes, cookies etc. The problem is that we consume it imperceptible for ourselves. Therefore is it necessary to read the labels to cook yourself!”

Other oils can contain saturated fatty acids too. Palm oil HQ contains 50%, olive oil - 15 %, sunflower - 11,5% of saturated fatty acids... In other words, if the person eats many vegetables with sunflower-seed oil, so his body gets more saturated fatty acids, than those who eats in the mornings a sandwich containing palm oil!

Almost 60 % of fats in butter are saturated fatty acids. However, at the same time it is rich in vitamin A…

Dietician Deborah Jackson considers that:

«The saturated fatty substances are often found in foodstuff, for example, - in meat. Structure of palm oil is harmful, but its consumption strongly increased since the last time. The main thing is to limit the use of products in industrial production.

«Palm oil with a prefix «HQ» has on our health just the same effect! So it is best to buy fresh products and cook them yourself… In small amounts palm oil does not represent a danger to health…