Oregano oil – is a great assistant for your hormonal background. Often the oil is recommended for women to prevent violations of the hormonal cycle with a background of low-calorie diet. Meanwhile, oregano oil itself has beneficial effects on lipid and carbohydrate metabolism, and you can lose weight with it much faster than on a low-fat diet. How to use oregano oil for weight loss?

Oregano oil: useful properties for weight loss

you can lose weight with oregano oil

We talk only about the beneficial properties of oregano oil to help you lose weight and become more attractive.

The oregano oil, as well as flax seed contains omega-three and omega-six fatty acids. They help your body maintain optimum rate of calorie burning, despite the fact that you would cut your diet. Thus, the oregano oil is - a good way to prevent a "plateau" to lose weight.

Oregano oil is also rich in tocopherol - Vitamin E. This compound, in turn, is useful to maintain the condition of the skin, hair and nails.

In addition, Oregano oil is - a good antioxidant, has beneficial effects on the rate of skin regeneration.

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Oregano oil dosage for weight loss

Most often, it is advised to drink a teaspoon of oil on an empty stomach in the morning with a glass of water at room temperature

Most often, it is advised to drink a teaspoon of oil on an empty stomach in the morning with a glass of water at room temperature. Such use of oregano oil also helps to get rid of the systematic constipation. It's highly recommended to fans of protein diets. The only remark is that you should not take oregano oil with spirits.

Also, oregano oil can be used as a salad dressing. Oregano oil goes well with any vegetables and lemon juice.

High-quality oil is clear, with a yellow-green tint. If it is cloudy, there is sediment - a product is not recommended to use.

Oregano oil and metabolic processes

Oregano oil is - a useful product, which is an important element of a healthy diet for weight loss. First of all, the oil helps to maintain an adequate level of fat intake.

Remember that in order to stay healthy you need to take at least 20 grams of vegetable fats, even if you are on a diet and want to lose weight.

Vegetable fats are not only affecting the metabolism rate and the production of sex hormones. It has been recently proved that they have a positive impact on human mental activity. Thus, the use of vegetable fats helps improve the comfort of compliance with any diet - because you will not experience the "clouding of consciousness" who are on a diet.

Oregano oil helps to accelerate the growth and repair of muscle tissue after strength training, and helps to maintain the cartilage. It is therefore necessary to include it up to 20 grams of oregano oil in your diet to everyone who trains regularly.

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If you decide to take the oregano oil, make sure that it does not become "superfluous" in your diet.

Do you take the oil daily? Discard the nuts and seeds or reduce their use.

Oregano cooking oil takes the first place in its biological value

Taking water with the oil, in its essence – is a recipe for enhancing intestinal peristalsis. This remedy has a laxative effect, and its use is possible only if you are not prone to diarrhea.

In conclusion, we note that the use of linseed oil depends entirely on how you store it after purchase. Do not leave the bottle in direct sunlight, open or in a warm place. All this leads to the destruction of the product on a molecular level, and the loss of useful properties. Do not get the oil if you notice white flakes on the bottom of the bottle.

Be careful when buying, it is best to purchase the oil in pharmacies where there is certainly necessary storage conditions.

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Oregano oil and weight loss: Contraindications

Oregano cooking oil takes the first place in its biological value (surpassing other oils including olive oil). But it has contraindications.

Oregano oil is contraindicated for people:

  • with gallstones, biliary tract diseases, chronic pancreatitis, hepatitis;
  • while taking antiviral medications or antidepressants;
  • oregano oil inhibits coagulation, so combined with anticoagulants increases the chance of bleeding and hematoma formation;
  • with cholecystitis take oregano oil only during meals;
  • pregnant and lactating women, children can take oil only on prescription.


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