Oregano oil in my house – is a Must Have! And today I want to tell you why.

1. The most important property of oregano oil for me - is that it is a powerful antibiotic. Moreover, it is natural and potent antibiotic. I think not need to remind you that what a devastating effect on the health of our digestive system provide pharmaceutical antibiotics (as opposed to natural, such as garlic, oregano oil, and others that are safe for the intestinal microflora).

Oregano oil is no worse than vancomycin. It can easily cope with all the known science of bacteria and pathogens

Oregano oil is no worse than vancomycin. It can easily cope with all bacteria and pathogens known to science (Bacillus, Bacillus anthracis, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Staphylococcus aureus, E. Coli, etc.). Moreover, numerous studies have proven that oregano slightly inferior and even superior in its properties many popular antibiotics.

2. Oregano oil has a strong antifungal activity. It is very effective in treating fungal infections such as candidiasis and fungus on the nails.

So, how to take oregano oil for candida? Oregano oil is the best remedy for the treatment of Candida. Take 3 drops 3 times a day.

To treat fungus on nails, apply oregano oil to directly the fungus - at least twice a day. And orally 1- 3 drops under the tongue.

Dandruff with seborrhea - is also a fungal disease. You can add a couple of drops in the shampoo.

3. Oregano oil has strong anti-inflammatory effect, especially when it comes to joints and ligaments. And by effects of anesthesia to kill the pain, oregano oil is compared with morphine - that's such a gift the nature gives us!

It is very well penetrates into the skin, providing a beneficial effect on synovial fluid. So it is used for arthritis, muscle pain, bursitis, etc.

You just need to rub the oregano oil on the painful places, at least ten times a day) for the anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect.

4. Oregano oil is an excellent disinfectant. I have a spray to disinfect the toilet - distilled water + a little bit of oregano oil. Shake well before use (keep your eyes closed only).

5. Burns. I guarantee 99.9% that if you use oregano oil immediately after the burn, there will be no blisters. And as a bonus – you will get almost instant Analgesic effect.

6. How to take oregano oil orally? Food poisoning and digestive problems. If I have a suspicion that I ate tainted food, after a meal, take 1-3 drops of oregano oil. If you realize that you were poisoned, oregano oil should be taken 3-5 drops every hour (up to 8 hours) until the symptoms pass and drink water, water, water.

7. Respiratory problems. Gargling - 1-2 drops in a glass of salted water.

8. The teeth and gums. Oregano oil great help for toothache killing bacteria and as an anesthetic. You can apply directly to the tooth and gums. And with gum disease you can do rinsing with oil (coconut, sesame oil), mixed with a drop of oregano oil.

9. Viral diseases such as colds, cold sores on the lips, genital herpes, Hypatia, shingles. In any viral diseases oregano oil should be taken at once - when the first symptoms appear.

Oregano oil for oral administration is recommended to dilute with a base oil

Oregano oil dosage and application

Doses will be dependent on the concentration in oregano oil as carvacrol. Different brands of oregano oil may contain from 50% to 87% of carvacrol. Accordingly, the more carvacrol content, the higher the price per ounce. It should be mind that your body depending on the problem may respond differently to different doses. My advice is - slowly increase the dose and monitor the response of the body.

Oregano oil for oral administration is recommended to dilute with a base oil (olive, coconut, jojoba, almond, etc.) in the ratio of about 1: 1.

What is oregano oil - find out right now.

Taking oregano oil orally: Doses for children

Children to 12 years old should not give oregano oil or give very little doses. It is better to rub in the foot and be sure to dilute. By the way, ear infections can be treated with oregano oil, rubbing it only about the outer surface of the ear, but not pour it directly into the ear canal. It is very important!

How to choose a quality oregano oil

  • It is important not to confuse the oregano oil with other oils like Origanum Majorana or Lippia graveolens. We need exactly Wild Oregano Origanum vulgare. Any oil brands with extracts of thyme or marjoram will not be as effective as Wild Oregano.
  • Look at the content of carvacrol - this is our active antibacterial substances. Respectively, the more carvacrol, the better the result. Carvacrol content should not be less than 70%. If there is thymol, then that's fine, but the percentage should be very low.
  • The processing of oil is very important. The more the oil was processed, diluted, warmed, filtered, the less nutrients left. Therefore, the most effective oil will be the one that was extracted by steam distillation.

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