helichrysum oil benefits

The Helichrysum essential oil contains components such as geraniol, nerol, cineol, borneol, linalool and other.

The benefits of Helichrysum oil

Pleasant sweet Helichrysum oil is “music to ears”. First of all, the oil positively affects the emotional sphere. Using Helichrysum oil you can quiet down and defuse tension. Helichrysum oil can also be used for the treatment for depression. If you have experienced stress or you just have hard times, purchase a phial of Helichrysum oil and use it for fumigation of your bedroom. If you feel chronic fatigue, Helichrysum, the oil can also help you. It not only balances, but also gives strength.

What are the benefits of Helichrysum oil? The Helichrysum oil is a wonderful face and body care product. If you are over thirty, it is necessary for you to purchase Helichrysum oil. It moistens dry skin, reduces inflammation and helps to prevent skin flaking. If there are small grazes or scratches, Helichrysum oil not only heals them quicker, but also healing does not leave scars and cicatricial tissues.

Helichrysum oil differs from other essential oils as it prevents skin from the effect of harmful ultraviolet rays. Ultraviolet rays usually on the contrary attract sun to the skin.

helichrysum oil benefits

Helichrysum oil is also used for the treatment. It is used in various joint diseases, in myositis. Helichrysum oil is used in digestive disorder. It is also useful in the treatment of liver, gall bladder and bile duct disorder.

The treatment using Helichrysum oil gives a good effect on infectious and inflammatory conditions of respiratory organs, maxillary antrum and cough. If you have parasites, Helichrysum oil as one of treatment components can help to get rid of the hardest treatable forms of helminthiasis. Helichrysum oil is useful for obesity, skin diseases and diabetes. If you have an injury, hurt or sprain, Helichrysum oil will help to get rid of pain and inflammation.