Grapefruit seed extract oil is 100 times more effective as a disinfectant than colloidal silver, iodine and chlorine. It fights viruses well, particularly influenza virus, herpes. Extract affects pathogens asthma, hay fever, and skin irritation. Eczema, atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, ear-throat-nose also is treated by means of miracle cure remedy.

Even such a trivial thing as corn, is treated with grapefruit seed extract. Take a bath for 10 minutes, adding 10 drops of the extract in warm water in the evening. In the summer wonderful grapefruit seed extract oil can successfully help you get rid of the itching after insect bites. Add 10 drops of the extract dissolved in olive oil to massage the place of bite.

If you have a sore throat you should add 8 - 10 drops of extract and gargle it in warm water.

You need to gargle every 3 hours for recovery. You can also massage the gums applying a drop of extract. If you have acne on your skin, then 15 drops of extract to 250 mg of water will help you with it. It is necessary to wipe the skin with this lotion and make a light massage for three minutes.

Many people suffer from constipation and here grapefruit seed extract oil comes to help. Take 10 drops of the extract during a meal with a glass of water, only drink in small sips. It should be noted that the extracts based on Grapefruit Seed should not apply to people that are prone to allergic reactions.

Grapefruit seed extract oil is - a unique natural product, use it and stay healthy.

grapefruit seed extract australia

Fruit fanciers especially appreciate the grapefruit among all varieties of citrus – Grapefruit is fruit for gourmet and connoisseurs. The nature created such a reasonable tree the seeds of which protect the future of the plant from harmful pathogens. People in Australia use these unique features of grapefruit, so grapefruit seed extract is - a kind of phenomenon that scientists are exploring. Up to this day scientist found a powerful antibiotic action of grapefruit seed extract against 800 bacteria and viruses.

Grapefruit seeds contain a bioflavonoid that prevents cellular respiration from harmful microorganisms. The main and indisputable benefit of Grapefruit Seed is that in contrast to the chemical substance, which very rapidly absorbed by microorganisms, extract based on Grapefruit seed has unusually resistant ability and prevent the adaptation of microbes in small doses. This is a unique property of grapefruit. Grapefruit seed extract contacts with all known antibiotics in Australia killing all microorganisms indiscriminately. Extract only removes harmful bacteria, thus allow preserving the useful micro flora.

The grapefruit seed extract is non-toxic, does not cause any side effects and is very concentrated. Therefore, you should use it carefully. You must not take it orally undiluted! Also apply it topically with care, in any case, do not allow it to hit the mucous area. When applying the extract more than 1.5 months, consult a doctor. Scientists in Australia have identified and evaluated grapefruit seed extract Australia on 9 criteria: it is non-toxic, and has minimal adverse effect on the good bacteria, the power and efficiency, broad-spectrum, natural origin, combined with other natural medicines, cost-effectiveness and learning.

What is grapefruit seed extract?

Grapefruit seed oil extract has a wide range of effects, especially effective with harmful bacteria, fungi and viruses. Even in low concentrations, the extract has a strong effect. Non-toxicity of the extract is supported by studies that have shown that even at doses much higher than recommended, the extract does not contain toxins and safe to use. Grapefruit seed extract contains unique nutrients.

What is grapefruit seed extract? The extract has minimal effect on beneficial bacteria and does not destroy the beneficial bacterial flora of the body. Grapefruit seed oil is extracted from natural grapefruit seed, and it is completely hypoallergenic.

grapefruit seed extract yeast infection

The grapefruit seed extract is called antibiotic of plant origin. But unlike conventional antibiotics, which selectively act on the bacteria, such as yeast infection, it has a devastating effect on the painful bacteria, and various bacteria, viruses and micro-organisms, including fungi and parasites. The grapefruit seed extract contains bioflavonoids and glycosides. These substances act the way that the viral cells of yeast infection, fungi, and bacteria can no longer perceive the amino acids that serve them food, and die.

In addition, unlike synthetic antibiotics, Grapefruit Seed extract is non-addictive, non-toxic and has no side effects such as allergies and destruction of beneficial microflora, which is essential for human health. The grapefruit seed extract can be successfully applied by small children and animals.

Grapefruit seed extract and oral care

  1.     Gum disease, bad breath. Add 5 drops in a glass of water. Rinse for 10 seconds 1-2 times a day.
  2.     Caries, periodontal disease, periodontitis. Apply 1-2 drops to a damp toothbrush, brush your teeth, then rinse your mouth with a solution of 10 drops of the extract.
  3.     Yeast infection (thrush) in the mouth of children, babies. Add 10 drops (depending on age) in a glass of water - apply a swab dipped in a solution 2-3 times a day.
  4.     Aphthous ulcers. Add 10 drops of grapefruit seed extract in a glass of water (depending on the severity of the disease) - rinse your mouth 2-3 times a day or apply a swab dipped in a solution.
  5.     Disinfection of toothbrushes. Dissolve 5-10 drops of the extract in water, dip toothbrush into the solution and apply for 15 minutes, rinse.

grapefruit seed oil benefits

Grapefruit seed extract is called the most compact pharmacy around the world.

Grapefruit seed extract has strong antibacterial and antiviral activity, and is suitable for the prevention and treatment of many diseases, such as bacterial and fungal infections, respiratory tract infections, herpes, acne, allergies, high blood cholesterol, and others.

Why is a grapefruit? Of course, the benefits of grapefruit seed oil are undeniable - a source of vitamins that the body needs, but it is not a panacea for all problems.

History of grapefruit seed extract is simple and banal (as in many fundamental discoveries). Once, many years ago Jacob Heinrichs enjoyed a wonderful taste of grapefruit for breakfast. At that time (the end of the Second World War), fresh fruit was a real delicacy. And Jacob was struck an unexpected question: “What makes a grapefruit seed so bitter taste?” From that moment investigating the properties of grapefruit seed begun that led to unexpected discoveries...