clove oil teething

Cloves or clove oil is - the most effective way to treat a toothache and teething. Cloves (spice) and clove essential oil perfectly remove a toothache due to antiseptic components in the composition. Do not forget that clove essential oil scent has a very strong smell. Many peoplevomitat the smellof cloves.

If you are feeling well with the smell of cloves, it will be an excellent home remedy for toothache. In addition, clove oil can be used as an analgesic, which allows you to have a rest some time without the pain.

But remember, in high doses, clove oil is toxic.

How to use:

  • chew a clove on the painful side
  • soak a cotton ball in clove oil and lubricate the gum, hold a cotton ball closer to the place where the toothache.

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