where can i buy citronella oil

Extraction method: Essential oil is extracted from the dry grass by steam distillation. (Java citronella, gives twice more oil than citronella from Sri Lanka.)

The color and flavor: Yellowish brown fluid, liquid with a fresh lemon scent. Citronella oil is used in the manufacture of perfume.

Chemical composition: Geraniol (45%), citronella (50%), geranilatsetat, limonene, camphene. Where can I buy citronella oil? Oil usually is sold in the pharmacy, shopping center, etc. Also, you can buy citronella oil vie the internet making online order.

Psycho-emotional impact: it enlightens the mind, improves mood and helps to cope with depression.

Cosmetic effect: In conjunction with bergamot and Neroli softens. It has deodorant and a stimulating effect on the sweaty and tired feet (when processing, the oil mobilizes body resources).

Curative effect: Pain, antispasmodic, antibacterial, deodorant, diaphoretic, diuretic, fungicidal, insecticidal, restorative, healing, improving performance of the stomach and menstrual cycle. Citronella oil treats the colds, flu and infectious diseases. It is recommended for headache and neuralgia. It is known that citronella oil helps for rheumatic pain.

It has the ability to repel the insects as well.

Safety Precautions: nontoxic, but can cause dermatitis in some people. You should avoid it during pregnancy.