bergamot essential oil benefits

Bergamot is - an evergreen citron tree. Its fruits are covered with a fragrant peel from which essential oil is extracted. It is used for hair care and skin one.

What are the benefits of bergamot essential oil? The bergamot helps with digestion problems; it has calming and anti-spasmodic properties.

You can use it practically at any kind of massage. For example, for abdominal massage resulting digestion is stimulated and normalized, appetite after diseases raises.

Bergamot oil is very useful for all body. Let's consider the advantages for hair:

  • the bergamot is an excellent growth factor which improves blood circulation. It is a guarantee that all useful substances will be absorbed through the skin.
  • bergamot oil possesses calming action as well. Therefore, if you use it for head massage, you gain tremendous relax effect both for skin, and for the nervous system. This massage technique plays an important role in activation of hair growth.
  • you can protect the scalp from infections, applying bergamot oil. Why? The bergamot has excellent antimicrobial properties.
  • the structure of the majority of hair care products, especially conditioners and humidifiers, includes bergamot oil.
  • bergamot oil possesses antiseptic properties which help keep the scalp as well as pure. Such conditions are very favorable for healthy and beautiful hair growth.