Palm oil vs coconut oilPay attention!

Coconut oil is not Palm oil

  • Coconut oil is extracted from coco edible pulp .
  • Palm oil is extracted from a fruit part of an olive palm tree.

The coconut palm tree and olive palm tree is absolutely different trees. They look different as well.

  • Coconut palm tree
  • Generally grows in India, Thailand and Philippines.
  • Olive palm tree
  • Generally grows in Africa and Malaysia.

Coconut palms are grown only on a coconut palm. Olive palm has absolutely other fruits. Coco does not grow on an olive palm tree.


  • Size: the 20-30 cm.
  • Weight: 1.5-2.5 kg.
  • It is edible raw.
  • Olive palm fruits
  • Size: 3-5 cm
  • Weight: 6-8 g.
  • It is not edible raw.

Coconut oil and Palm oil have the different color, a different smell and taste, different melting point.

  • Melting point coconut oil: +24-26 C
  • Palm oil orange-red. Melting point palm oil: +42-45 C

This melting point is higher, than Human body temperature, therefore palm oil is not acquired by an human organism. Getting to an organism, it becomes cancerogenic.

Coconut oil and palm oil have different cost because of a difference in volumes and production process.

Coconut KLF Nirmal oil - it is elite one. It is not widespread widely since coconut palm trees are cultivated on small territory. Production process of qualitative coconut oil is rather difficult, therefore 100 % coconut oil is expensive.

Palm oil HQ is the most widespread in world trade. Olive palm tree cultivate in huge territories. There is simple process extraction coconut oil and it allows to reach high production volume and, as a result, cheap oil.

Thus, coconut oil and Palm oil is ABSOLUTELY DIFFERENT oils, there are different flavoring and chemical properties, received from fruits of absolutely different trees. Therefore it is incorrect coconut oil to call palm one.

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