There are two methods to treat toothache, which may be resorted to in order to reduce pain, before a person gets to the dentist. The classical method is familiar to many people who do not even know anything about aromatherapy: put in the hollow of a sick tooth a cotton wool soaked in a drop of clove oil. Carnation works as a local anesthetic and a strong disinfectant that prevents inflammation of the tooth root, before a person gets the help from a doctor. When the analgesic effect will finish, repeat the entire procedure. Pine oil is a disinfectant? Learn more...

Essential oils for toothache

Another method, perhaps more appropriate for dull pain, but not for acute one - is hot compresses with chamomile oil on the cheek. When the compress has cooled down, replace it with a new one. This method works well if the abscess begins or you suspect that it may occur. Heat and the action of chamomile oil will remove infection and abscess breaks faster, then you can treat tooth.

Essential oils are quite numerous and effective. Like many other procedures, the use of essential oils for weight loss can affect various aspects of disorders that lead to weight loss.

First of all, essential oils for weight loss help to cope with nervous tension and usually very high-calorie foods. In this case, the essential oils of bergamot, ylang-ylang, lavender, orange, jasmine and rose can relax, relieve stress.

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The oldest and, at the same time, the most widely used oil today is coconut oil. It is extracted from dried coconut pulp. There is refined and unrefined coconut oil. You can buy refined coconut oil in any store in Toronto. It is very best for many cosmetic procedures such as lauric acid is 50% of the product. It has cleaning and foaming properties. It allows use it as a basic for soap making, as well as for the manufacture of cosmetics. Coconut oil is suitable for all skin types, does not cause allergic reactions. It is completely absorbed by the skin at the same time creates a protective layer on the skin that does not penetrate to the lower skin layers harmful rays of the sun, smoothes the skin and makes it softer.

Coconut oil - application

Coconut oil is most commonly used to create creams, mousses, other cosmetics, but in conjunction with base oils or finished cosmetic products. In pure form coconut oil is not used, the exception is coconut oil for hair. It makes hair strong, shiny and nourishes them throughout. It is used as a hair mask, and then is washed with regular shampoo. Contrary to common burdock oil, this remedy does not leave your hair greasy track.

Coconut oil, which you can buy in any store in Toronto, also is used as a remedy to massage (softens rough skin), it helps to heal the cracks, burns, removes scales and can serve as a gentle makeup remover.

Rosacea is - a skin disease that is characterized by the appearance of red streaks on the skin capillaries, redness and skin irritation. Most often it is caused by a genetic predisposition, but both diet and lifestyle play a significant role.

Treatment of rosacea is complex: invalid food, the cream. Essential oils are also effective for rosacea.

Essential oils for rosacea

Essential oils for the treatment of rosacea are often mixed with sweet almond oil or jojoba oil.

The best essential oils for rosacea are oils: oregano, lavender, Neroli, Helichrysum, chamomile, frankincense and rosewood.

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Coconut oil is vegetable fatty oil extracted from copra. It is produced by hot pressing of fresh dried coconut pulp. Coconut oil is sold in any store of Canada. Coconut oil is mainly used in soap making, for the manufacture of cosmetic products, for the preparation of a cooling filling in cakes and wafers in the production of margarine.

When heated to 27 °C become transparent, liquid, straw-yellow color.

Coconut Oil is completely natural product is extracted from pure coconut pulp.

It is a worthy and complete substitute for butter and margarine - it is 99.9% consists of high quality natural coconut oil and contains no cholesterol. Coconut Oil very well with those who are on a diet - fat coconut is broken up quickly.

We advise to include edible coconut oil in your daily diet: add to dishes for breakfast, cook it a delicious cocktails and desserts. It has a long shelf life.