Aromatherapy massage description

More than 6,000 years, humanity knows about delightful influence of natural essential oils, their healing and cleansing properties and unique aroma. Today, the art of aromatherapy has spread around the world.

Stress, pollution, poor diet, restless, but at the same time, a sedentary lifestyle detrimental effect on body and soul. Aromatherapy, using the power of pure essential oils affects the sense of smell and emotions, restores the harmony of body and soul.

Currently, we know about 200 different essential oils that with proper application have a pronounced therapeutic effect without side effects.

The oils are widely used to carry out various procedures and rituals, which aim to achieve harmony - spiritual, emotional and physical. One of the areas of aromatherapy is aromatherapy massage.

Until the mid-twentieth century, doctors believed that the skin is almost impenetrable, but recent studies have proved that because the water penetrates through the skin partly, so other substances can penetrate into the body through the natural barrier including essential oils.

Aromatherapy massage is - the main area of "aromatherapy through the skin". Regular massage improves blood and lymph circulation, stabilizes pulse, lowers blood pressure and relieves muscle tension. The adding essential oils to the massage procedure helps to relax, get rid of depression, mental stress and negative emotions. Massage conducted with essential oils gives a longer beneficial effect.

Skilled aromatherapy masseur selects essential oil for patients individually.


What is an aromatherapy massage good for:

  • promotes deep relaxation, relieves mental and physical stress;
  • eliminates chronic neck and shoulder tension and pain in the back;
  • improves blood circulation in the muscles, removing inflammation and pain;
  • helps with neurological pain, arthritis, rheumatism;
  • eases the pain of sprains, fractures, displacements;
  • corrects posture, improves mobility;
  • compensates for the lack of physical activity;
  • gets rid of negative emotions;
  • stimulates mental activity;
  • is useful for migraine;
  • stimulates the lymphatic circulation;
  • is good for the digestive system.

There are various compositions of essential oils for aromatherapy massage:

  • East. Oils: Jojoba, ylang-ylang, jasmine, vanilla, mimosa. They stimulate metabolism, have anti-stress effect, relax and uplifting.
  • Indian. Oils: patchouli, cardamom, bergamot, cedar, lavender, black pepper. They promote emotional balance, normalize sleep.
  • Arab. Oils: ginger, cinnamon, patchouli, mandarin, geranium, lemon, nutmeg, lavender, thyme, cedar. These oils strengthen the immune system, give the body energy and vitality.
  • Mediterranean. Oils: basil, bergamot, orange, lemon, anise, mandarin, oregano. They are antidepressant, have a tonic effect on the body, strengthen and accelerate the metabolic processes.

By the way, how to take oregano oil internally, learn right now.

Aromatherapy massage can be carried out for the whole body, for the feet, arms and head. The last option you can make yourself at home. If done correctly, head massage is essentially equivalent to a full body massage. The essential oil is absorbed by hair roots, which are connected to nerve endings and, therefore, directly with the brain.

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Head massage has diverse effects:

  • increases the flow of oxygen and glucose to the brain;
  • relaxes and relieves fatigue;
  • improves the circulation of fluids in the body;
  • increases the secretion of growth hormones, that are necessary for growth and development of brain cells.

In addition, essential oil strengthens the hair, eliminates dryness and brittleness, prevents premature baldness and many diseases of the scalp.

Head massage can be performed at any time of the day. It is particularly useful in the morning and evening. A massage before bedtime gives a deep sound sleep. It is not necessary to perform massage immediately after a meal, as well as at elevated temperatures and in cases where it is contraindicated. Head massage is performed in a circular motion - do each step sequentially 3 times.

Temple massage - improves eyesight and concentration.

Brow massage - relaxes the whole body, is good for the eyes.

Forehead massage - improves eyesight and concentration.

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