Aromatherapy diffuser and aromatherapy bath are the easiest way to experience the magical world of essential oils. They provide an opportunity to assess the enchanting power of fragrances.

It is absolutely no difficulty in today's time to buy a nice aromatherapy diffuser, otherwise incense burner. But you still should not select aromatherapy diffuser based only the fact that it fits well into the interior of the room.

What an aromatherapy diffuser you need

There are different types of aromatherapy diffusers, but the best as it seems to me, diffuser with live fire. So let’s talk about aromatherapy diffuser.

Proper aromatherapy diffuser does not absorb anything, it is easy enough to clean it, the water does not evaporate too quickly in the bowl and not too hot.

Clay, glass and stainless steel is best to meet these requirements. In my opinion, ceramics are somehow preferable to them. For me, glass and metal for essential oils seem cold and inappropriate, despite the fact that they look best.

The diffuser consists of two parts: a top in the form of the bowl with the water and the bottom with the recess for a candle. The bowl should contain about 50 ml of water or a little more. The place for candle should be done so that it was easy either to light a candle or insert already lighted candle.

The distance between the flame of a candle and a bowl of water should be about ten centimeters. The main thing is that the temperature of the water in the bowl keeps about 50-60 degrees.

What is the best aromatherapy diffuser

One day I was faced with a casus, it seemed to me impossible. Girl diluted essential oil to use in aromatherapy diffuser with vegetable oil. She just read lots of literature about the emulsifiers. They are not needed in an aromatherapy diffuser. Use them in creams and facial masks.

And we in our case pour warm water in a clean bowl to the top of the oil burner then drips back essential oil. The amount of oil should match the size of the room, a drop of essential oil, or blends corresponds to every two or three square meters. Then ignite and set the candle and enjoy.

In order not to spoil your fun, put a diffuser in a place where children and pets could not reach it.

There is no point to light the diffuser for the whole day. All useful properties of fragrance of essential oils you may get in half an hour. If you really like the smell, you can extend the fun for a couple of hours, no longer. Essential oils affect us quite strongly, and you overdo it, its application has a depressing effect.

If you lit the diffuser with essential oils for therapeutic purposes, ventilate the room first, and then close the door and windows.

Make sure that the water is always present in the cup. If it evaporates, the oil begins to burn, and this is not helpful, and pleasant.

After use, the diffuser should be washed with soap and water, then rinse with water and vinegar.

Appreciate fragrance in your home

This should not be a strong odor, but the thin, almost elusive scent that quickly disappears.

Using essential oils you should always remember that the more - does not mean better.

Several recipes for aromatherapy diffuser

Most likely, you will be guided by your own taste and descriptions of properties of essential oils that are printed on the packaging, but perhaps try something out of the recommended recipes. Learn more about aromatherapy oil diffuser.

This blend relaxes and creates a tranquil environment

a drops of frankincense + 2 drops of rose + 2 drops of sandal

a drops of thyme + 2 drops of bergamot + 2 drops of lemon

3 drops of valerian + 2 drops of ylang-ylang + 2 drops of palmarosa

3 drops of lemon + 3 drops of orange + 2 drops of petitgrain

This blend tones

a drops of Cinnamon + 1 drops of Mint + a drops of Juniper + 2 drops of Neroli

This blend uplifting

2 drops of cinnamon + 3 drops of mandarin

It gives self confidence

a drop of ylang-ylang + a drop of grapefruit + a drop of incense + 2 drops of mandarin

For sleeping

a drop of frankincense + 2 drops of neroli + 2 drops of sandalwood

by 2 drops of melissa, ylang-ylang, neroli, lavender

Romantic blend

a drop of rose + a drop of ylang-ylang + a drop of ginger + 2 drops of neroli + 2 drops of sandalwood

This blend increases capacity for work

by a drop of bergamot, clove, pine, lemon, leuzea, marjoram.

2 drops of rosemary + 4 drops of lemon

It removes unpleasant odors

2 drops of lemon + a drop of rosemary + a drop of mint

This blend kills viruses and bacteria

4 drops of tea tree + 3 drops of eucalyptus

This blend repels insects

By 3 drops of clove, geranium, rosemary

Aroma soft essential diffuser oil review-long lasting mist over 16 hours!

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