Aromatherapy candles set the mood, relieve fatigue, but also pose a threat.

Experts say: it is no less harmful to breathe with scented vapor the entire evening than to be a passive smoker for a few hours. In the room, where aromatherapy candles burn for a long time, the concentration of harmful substances in the air is about the same as in cigarette smoke.

It is not necessary to abandon candles, of course, but you should follow the safety instructions.

What is the smell of candles?

You probably noticed that the oil burner or aromatherapy candles often exude not exactly the smell that is specified on the package. For example, the summary says that candles should be the smell of orange or apple with cinnamon, but when you light them, the room smells something unfamiliar, albeit a pleasant one.

The answer is simple: even if the candle is scented with natural essential oils, flavor burns in the process. The oil becomes very hot, the chemical structure of the substance changes, and aromatherapy scent is distorted. So, the majority of aromatherapy candles sold in our stores contain artificial flavors, which are not good for health.

More recently, the topic of danger of aromatherapy candles was raised by the Environmental Council of Oregon (USA). The occasion was an unpleasant story that happened to a resident of Portland Ashley Henry. The woman was a fan of aromatherapy candles. The candles were everywhere in the apartment - and as a result, she fell ill with asthma. A hypersensitivity to the volatile chemical compounds developed in her. Now in Henry’s house there are no not only candles, but also perfumes and air fresheners. Even flavor components included in the shampoo and washing powder cause in the woman feeling strong burning sensation in the airways and can trigger an asthma attack.

According to doctors, Ashley got off easy: the substance contained in the candles can lead not only to asthma, but also to eczema and other skin diseases.

What are they dangerous?

Carefully read the list of ingredients on the label of candles. It certainly has a point "aromatic flavor." This perfume, in turn, has a fairly complex chemical composition which, in most cases, manufacturers do not describe in detail, but it is worth.

In particular, it was found that many aromatherapy candles contain diethyl phthalate - artificially synthesized substance. It acts as a fixative: with it the smell acquires resistance. Thus, it was proved that large quantities of diethyl ether can cause the problems with the reproductive system. Pregnant women, especially harmful to inhale it: it can cause birth defects in the baby.

The most popular candles - made of wax: they are inexpensive and long burn. However, when heated in air paraffin allocated such unpleasant volatile organic substances such as benzene and toluene. They beat the airway: a constant and prolonged inhalation may cause asthma and even lung cancer.

Another important component in the candle is - wick. It must be made of natural fabrics, not lead. When heated, allocates lead compounds that negatively affect the nervous and cardiovascular systems. In America, the use of lead in candle wicks banned in 2000; we have until it is resolved. Fortunately, these candles are easy to recognize: if in white cotton wick shine through a thin metal rod, from the purchase of better abstain.

The best aromatherapy candles without harm

Aromatherapy candles from beeswax and soy wax can be considered completely safe. Beeswax is - completely natural substance. Burning, the candles emit a delicate aroma of honey and Propolis. Soy wax is - a relatively new and also all-natural product obtained, as you might guess, from soybeans.

Bee and soy candles burn more cleanly than paraffin wax, leaving little soot. Typically, they are flavored with natural essential oils and not synthetic. The only negative of wax and soy candles - they are the most expensive. But this is the case when you should not save your money to get the holiday feeling.

How to make aromatherapy candles - quick and easy way.

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