Aromatherapy massage description

More than 6,000 years, humanity knows about delightful influence of natural essential oils, their healing and cleansing properties and unique aroma. Today, the art of aromatherapy has spread around the world.

Stress, pollution, poor diet, restless, but at the same time, a sedentary lifestyle detrimental effect on body and soul. Aromatherapy, using the power of pure essential oils affects the sense of smell and emotions, restores the harmony of body and soul.

Currently, we know about 200 different essential oils that with proper application have a pronounced therapeutic effect without side effects.

The oils are widely used to carry out various procedures and rituals, which aim to achieve harmony - spiritual, emotional and physical. One of the areas of aromatherapy is aromatherapy massage.

Until the mid-twentieth century, doctors believed that the skin is almost impenetrable, but recent studies have proved that because the water penetrates through the skin partly, so other substances can penetrate into the body through the natural barrier including essential oils.

Aromatherapy bath oils - health and pleasure

  • Aromatherapy bath with essential oils is the most pleasant cosmetic procedure.
  • The state of bliss that you experience makes you take an aromatherapy bath over and over again.
  • In ancient times they were used exclusively by rich people.
  • Essential oils in aromatherapy bath spread throughout the body due to the penetration in blood and lymph systems.
  • Also, the receptors in the nose, which flavor affect, transmit impulses to the brain.
  • So, aromatherapy bath oils act both through the skin and smell.
  • People appreciate aromatherapy bath with essential oils most of all for its ability to relieve stress.

Aromatherapy bath oils can

  • sooth and relax
  • stimulate, tone
  • warm or cool
  • excite
  • and many other things...

Aromatic oils today, due to the diversity and useful properties, have become a real fashion trend. However, not everyone knows how to use them correctly and in this case aromatherapy oil diffuser will be your helper.

Regardless of the purpose for which essential oil is used, you can comfortably and safely use aromatherapy diffuser.

How to use aromatherapy diffuser

Aromatherapy diffusers are now sold almost everywhere, and you can use them not only at home but also in the office. It is especially easy to use aromatherapy oil diffuser with a candle. It is very simple to apply it - pour the water and essential oil in a small container and put a candle in the grotto of aromatherapy diffuser that heats the aromatic composition. This way aromatherapy diffuser starts to work and essential oils evaporate and spread throughout the room. If you are interested in composition, so you need to take 3-5 drops of essential oil or a blend of several oils per the two tablespoons of water. However, those who have been in Egypt, saw that Egyptians add clean oil in aromatherapy diffuser – in this case they consider the size of the premises, in an apartment due to such a busy smell of oil burner you may have a headache.

Aromatherapy diffuser and aromatherapy bath are the easiest way to experience the magical world of essential oils. They provide an opportunity to assess the enchanting power of fragrances.

It is absolutely no difficulty in today's time to buy a nice aromatherapy diffuser, otherwise incense burner. But you still should not select aromatherapy diffuser based only the fact that it fits well into the interior of the room.

What an aromatherapy diffuser you need

There are different types of aromatherapy diffusers, but the best as it seems to me, diffuser with live fire. So let’s talk about aromatherapy diffuser.

Proper aromatherapy diffuser does not absorb anything, it is easy enough to clean it, the water does not evaporate too quickly in the bowl and not too hot.

Clay, glass and stainless steel is best to meet these requirements. In my opinion, ceramics are somehow preferable to them. For me, glass and metal for essential oils seem cold and inappropriate, despite the fact that they look best.

The diffuser consists of two parts: a top in the form of the bowl with the water and the bottom with the recess for a candle. The bowl should contain about 50 ml of water or a little more. The place for candle should be done so that it was easy either to light a candle or insert already lighted candle.

The distance between the flame of a candle and a bowl of water should be about ten centimeters. The main thing is that the temperature of the water in the bowl keeps about 50-60 degrees.

Probably each of us, at least once in our life heard the expression "water is life", but for some reason most people ignore it when it comes to indoor air humidity. When cold weather comes and the system of central heating starts to operate, the issue of additional dampening premises becomes especially relevant and although it is simple enough to solve it with the most basic ways, yet it is much more convenient and safer to use special devices - aromatherapy humidifier diffuser.

It is sometimes uncomfortable and even harmful to health to stay in rooms without air humidification - excessive dryness may cause irritation of the respiratory system and vision, promote the development of chronic respiratory diseases, allergies and other ailments. The aromatherapy humidifier diffuser is small, simple and easy to use and also in addition to moisture can perform several useful and nice features that will create extra comfort in your house and provide good health for all members of your family.

Currently, there are several models of ultrasonic humidifier diffusers, each has low power consumption, compact, quiet, attractive design. The devices are designed to create a mist of water saturated with natural essential oils and enriched with ions of oxygen. Some devices can also be used as a night light. Other devices additionally have the alarm function. And of course, each of devices successfully produces a humid air enriched with your favorite essential oils and oxygen ions.

Some customers choose products based on their functionality, for other more important is the design and appearance. Of course, both of these factors are subjective enough, but you can find an option that will meet all your requirements. Background: aromatherapy massage description.

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